Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bush heart Abramhoff

Think the White House has distanced themselves from Jack "indicted" Abrahoff? Think again, Casino Jack has struck again in the wake of Katrina, even when a Bush appointee, whom used to work for both Abrahoff and US Representative Chris Cannon (R-UT) was put in charge of post-Katrina procurement.

If that weren't enough added insult to injury, Bush's reconstruction plan will give tax credits to these same casinos that Jack used to work for (as he privately insulted his Native American bosses in a racist fashion). Even the casino's can't figure out why they have it so good. "We're actually scratching our heads. We can't ever remember an instance of being offered a tax credit -- ever." said Alberto Lopez, director of strategic communication at Harrah's Entertainment Inc., which lost two major casinos on the Mississippi coast. "But just because the casinos did not ask for the investment write-off doesn't mean they won't take it. "Anything that the federal government can provide, obviously we'll take advantage of it," the official said."

Everything that should be ecnomic development and rebuilding the Gulf coast is seen in as a possible handout to special interest, regardless of what is good policy. According to the Washington Post, Democrats and Republicans alike in congress are upset by "Federal Emergency Management Agency's $5 billion effort to purchase 300,000 trailers and mobile homes, despite record-low apartment occupancy rates in the states just beyond Katrina's reach."