Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Newton versus Willard

As much as I have enjoyed the cartoonish fight between the one preventer and the former lobbyist for the one percent, one of these clowns might become president.

John Kerry was tagged with being out of touch because he had become a creature of the Senate. Willard Mitt Romney is out of touch because he has no concept of what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck, to worry about bills, finding a job, keeping a job, or about health insurance. He literally was the guy who was doing the firing, jacking up profits at the expense of its employees and in many cases he company itself.

Willard wasn't a turnaround specialist, he was a flipper. And then he became a flopper. Romney has been willing for since he first ran for office in 1994 to say whatever he thought the electorate wanted to hear. Voters were just a tool, a stepping stone to the real power to do whatever he wanted and could do. There is a reason Willard did not run for reelection. Romney would have lost. Badly.

So the man with no shame would tell one thing to voters one day, and something completely different the next. It is as if Romney thinks he still lives in an era without video and audio recording devices that can transmit Willard eating cake and having it too.

Not that the professor who sold his wife and integrity for power, and then traded in wife number two for a newer model, then resigned in shame, and then became a shill for whoever would pay him is any better. But Newt Gingrich will not last through March while he is pummeled for a month with no money, no supporters, and no organization to defend against Willard's millions. The only thing behind the former speaker is the eighth richest man in the US. Soon enough, he too will get tired of his play thing that keeps losing and saying crazy stuff while he gets crushed.

In the meanwhile, I will try to enjoy my February as I hope you will as well.

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