Thursday, November 03, 2005

Republican embarressment roundup

ex-FEMA head/current FEMA Consultant, was caught whining about being stuck in the mess Katrina (and he) created saying get me out of here. Not only was he incompetent, but he thought he was more important than the hundreds of thousands of others of people.

Andy Card's people in the white house are talking to the Post, saying Rove needs to go. If Card et al win and Rove is gone, there is no Lazerus left in George W. Bush, these people are too stupid to govern or to spin properly.

Oh and Libby was arraigned. And Karl isn't off the hook.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A belated Happy Halloween! I said bad stuff about Halloween in my prior post, but at least we learned our doorbell was broken. And the little kid I saw in an Elmo costume was pretty cute. But we bought too much candy. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 31, 2005

McConnell heart Scalito

I learned today that my professor worked with Alito at the Solicitor General's office back in the Reagan days. McConnell had many good things to say about Judge Sam, but you could tell he was a bit sad that it wasn't him.

How sad to see your chance come and be passed up three times. I think he would have been a good nominee in terms of getting the judge the right wanted, while getting an easy confirmation. It must be hard, one must wonder what opinion or article I wrote pissed the white house off. I wonder if he met with anyone at the White House.

I hope everyone will enjoy Holloween, becuase I think it is a dumb holiday for everyone over trick or treating age. It let's women dress like whores, men wear dresses, people get drunk and hook up, teens to scare children and destory property.

Is Scalito Radioactive?

Judge Sam Alito's lone dissent on Casey is about as obvious a signal about abortion as possible. This is really is the time to see just how moderate some Republicans really are. Will Specter vote against him based on "super precedent?" What about Chafee, Snowe, or a handfull of other moderate GOPers?

Some think we will be seeing the nuclear option evoked, some see this nominee losing on the floor of the Senate. For all of those Naderities who said there was no difference between Bush and Gore, I would like to make Scalito my exhibit A.