Sunday, December 02, 2012

The never ending brinksmanship must end

So the election was a month ago, but somehow it is not over yet. It won't end until 1-1-13 12:00:01 when we either begin the plunge into a rescission thanks to the need to create leverage, or the Republicans cry uncle.

My prediction, which I guess is worth something since I won my office election pool, is that this will be like the TARP vote in the fall of 2008. We will pass the deadline without a deal bing passed. Maybe the House will even vote down an 11th hour deal. But then, the makers will panic, the bond civilian ties and SuperPAC patrons will call, and a remote will pass a deal.

The question is, will Obama cave as usual, will everyone agree to punt again,or will a minor deal happen with the promise of a bigger deal next spring? This time, Obama and his aides are giving off a much different vibe. As are the Congressional Republicans, who are acting like a cornered animal. Does the President have them? Or are we playing nine demential chess in our imaginations again?

More important than the tax rates in my view is taking away the debt waking as a fake crisis lever irresponsible Republicans think they should pull again and again to get what they want from Democratic presidents. That, and changing the cost of the filibuster. Now I am certain a new tool will be found, but in the meantime maybe some adults can do their jobs: running the county and those ideologs can return to what they are good at, yelling on TV harmlessly.

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