Saturday, June 04, 2005

Memorial Day at Fenway, can it get any better? Well, maybe if the Red Sox would have won. Aren't these seats killer? Posted by Hello

most of the rest of team groom at the Sox game. Posted by Hello

That's right, a ten gallon drum of MSG in plain view on Comm Ave. Not going to eat at that resturant. Posted by Hello

No we didn't drink all that, it just feels like it. Posted by Hello

Pitch'n'putt golf. A nice transition for me from mini-golf to the real thing. NIce glove, Jacko! Posted by Hello

SoCo with Lime, day 1 Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

Nice try Bishop

Rep. Bishop is trying to score a fast one on Rep. Matheson for those in the press that don't pay attention. Bishop and his CoS claim that Jim "may oppose a bill that would give the state a fourth congressional district." Bishop "senses Matheson may be against redistricting" because it could allow a GOPer to win his cong. seat. Bishop's CoS Scott Parker: "I don't think anyone should base their support or nonsupport of this bill on the potential makeup" of one Congressional District.

Gee, when has Jim ever said he opposed it? More generallym, how is one Rep. from one party "sensing" a vibe from another Rep. from another reliable news?

Matheson Press Sec. Alyson Heyrend says Matheson "has always favored" UT having a fourth seat in DC.

The new district lines would be determined by the UT Legislature, of course, something I am personally against. (All quotes thanks to Schwebke, Ogden Standard-Examiner, 6/3).

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bachelor Party

photos to come but in the meanwhile, let me just say that I need to detox for a long time before I go and do something again. Everyday in Boston was filled with action: pitch'n'putt golf, BBQ, Red Sox, bowling, bar hopping, and a U2 concert.

All of my friends who made it were terrific, especially my friend from high school who flew on the way out there on a terrible schedule to be with me and 3 guys he didn't know. I know the other two groomsmen who couldn't make it out there wanted to be there and had serious comitments.

So big hearty thank you goes out to everyone and I will just need to sleep it off somemore.