Friday, June 03, 2005

Nice try Bishop

Rep. Bishop is trying to score a fast one on Rep. Matheson for those in the press that don't pay attention. Bishop and his CoS claim that Jim "may oppose a bill that would give the state a fourth congressional district." Bishop "senses Matheson may be against redistricting" because it could allow a GOPer to win his cong. seat. Bishop's CoS Scott Parker: "I don't think anyone should base their support or nonsupport of this bill on the potential makeup" of one Congressional District.

Gee, when has Jim ever said he opposed it? More generallym, how is one Rep. from one party "sensing" a vibe from another Rep. from another reliable news?

Matheson Press Sec. Alyson Heyrend says Matheson "has always favored" UT having a fourth seat in DC.

The new district lines would be determined by the UT Legislature, of course, something I am personally against. (All quotes thanks to Schwebke, Ogden Standard-Examiner, 6/3).

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