Friday, March 10, 2006

Photo of the day

We raised nearly three and a half thousand dollars this week. Even if Cheney won't, I am retiring...from my position as president of my student organization. Let some young blood in and let me sleep finally.

This week is spring break and so I might go somewhere last minute, but in all likelihood, I will just work and study. Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

over the hump

as tired as I am, I feeling pretty good. This week's fundraising has gone really well in my book and I am proud of all the volunteers, all the donors and all the support in general. Lots of people came up to me over the week and expressed their graditude for what our group was doing and all the work we had done to set up every morning, take down in the afternoon, and talk people into donating during the day.

To wit, we have raised nearly $3,000 for needy 1Ls and 2Ls that will be working over the summer for a non-profit or government job that is little or no pay. This sleepiness was worth it. Tomorrow is our last day of constant fundraising and my last early morning set up.

Politically, I loved watching Bush implode over the ports deal, and their weasel out attempts. I am enraged about Intelligence Committee and Pat Roberts in general. What a horrible senator he is because he is acting as a member of the Bush cabinet and not as a member of the legislative branch or representative of the residents of Kansas.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

long week

man, it feels like it is wednesday or thursday already. I have been up early brewing coffee for the college of law along with setting up bagels and much more. Then today I got up early and taught my high school students.

and somehow I haven't been able to get to sleep because of the various things and I just feel drained.

Monday, March 06, 2006

port security--WH 08 edition

Who gains, who loses politcally? Of the likely candidates, Hillary has legislation that is nationalistic (all ports must be American owned). Edwards in his senate days had a bill on port security that he can point to, but he really hasn't said much on the UAE deal. Clark has spoken out very clearly on this issue, saying it doesn't matter who owns the port, we need to make sure the containers are checked here and their originations points.

Winner: Clark and maybe Clinton. Hillary's stance is one that in theory would play well in the heartland and plays off the GOP's fearmongering of Arab countries, but then again, it is Hillary, and the heartland will still hate her for various other reasons. Clark cut to heart of the matter and disagreed with Clinton while not saying he is against her bill, as George Stephanopolis wanted him to say. In fact, this issue is a winning one for Clark, because it plays into his national security and foreign affairs strength. It is one less time that he has to try to talk about domestic stuff, which he was clearly less confortable with in 2004.

As far as the GOP WH 08 race, McCain seems to be coming to Bush's defense ("Could you spare a few more staffers for my campaign, George?") by telling everyone to take a deep breath about it. Frist is staking out some breathing space between him and Bush by asking for a delay...which is just to give Bush more time to sell/hope people forget about it. I haven't heard from the other folks about the deal.

My problem is not necessarly the fact that UAE is in charge, although they aren't as trustworthy as i would like. my issue is that bush broke the law again and doesn't care.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

what's a matter with oscar

poor Jon Stewart. It looks like his jokes were all watered down like American beer. We are now on our second montage and I just learned that Lauren Baccal can't read.

Why does there need to be a theme? Or an ode to film nior or bio pics? I mean really, the Oscars are an hour and a half show that is made into 3+ because of over production. And annoyingly enough the producers always manage to get Emmys.

The best bit so far was Steve Carell's bad makeup bit and the negative advertisment gag film. I love how they send out latina who bombed her singing of a nominated song last year for 'Crash' song.