Saturday, February 16, 2013


What is going through Utah Attorney General John Swallow's head these days? Does he seriously think this will all blow over? Let's assume for a moment that his version of events are true and the FBI takes the unusual step and reports after their investigation that no federal crimes were coming by the state's now chief law enforcement official. The man has still revealed that he completely lacks a moral compass. That he even agreed to assist in the lobbying of a senator to make a federal investigation go away is bad.

When Enid Greene is giving you ethics advice, you know you are screwed. When no one in the Utah County GOP wants to sit at your table, you are done. When State Senators are asking how the impeachment process works, the end is neigh. When Mark Shurtleff, the guy who hand picked you to be the next AG and is now a lobbyist in DC is claiming credit for reporting you to the FBI, it is over.

If even the best case scenario looks bad and you are only two months into the job, what are you thinking in staying on? I guess he realizes that he is unemployable now and pretending everything is fine is better than quitting and being banished. But seriously, who would hire a guy whose name is mud NOW before we learn worse information? What happens when the Feds get ahold of his emails? And phone records? And the grand jury starts calling everyone to testify? What is they find other dirt during the investigation ? Swallow is either hanging on as long as he can, or has no clue and no plan.

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