Sunday, October 14, 2012

Honestly honesty counts

If conservatives have such great ideas on how to fix this country, how come they have disguise what their true intentions are to the American people? Romney won the first debate because he gave short answers that were intended to mislead people into thinking his policies were more moderate than they really were.

While I don't doubt that Mitt believes He is the right man for the job, why does he believe deceit is an acceptable means to an end? If Romney wins he will have a Republican House and maybe even a Republican Senate. Even if he wanted to be a moderate Republican, congress critters wouldn't let him. This is why not many conservatives care what he says in the closing days, so long as he wins. It will be tax cuts for the rich, military spending increases and funds cut for the poor women and minorities. And two conservatives justices will be put on the bench to roll back the 1960s.

And really, this guy campaigned as a moderate and governed as a conservative in Massachusetts. He compromised with democrats because they comprised a super majority and he lost a great many battles, even giving on some before the fight began.

By contrast, Obama knows it is unlikely that he will have a Speaker Pelosi to work with and can only hope that the democrats trim the power of the filibuster, having pounded their heads against the wall for 4 years straight. Only a handful of things will get done if Barack wins another term. Of all the prior pledges that might resurface, I would bet the DREAM act would pass if it only takes 51 votes to pass. Obama foolishly believes the fear will break if he wins. But this condition has been getting worse since 1992, not better. At 20 years, only a trouncing has a chance of correcting an era of error.

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