Monday, February 20, 2012


So today is the day we celebrate Washington's and Lincoln's birthday. This is also a good opportunity to explore those who wish to hold the job.

While I have been disappointed with Obama on a number of issues, Congressional Democrats and Republicans have been far more depressing in their stubborn unwillingness and inability to address all of pressing issues of the day. Climate change is a key example, as is Guantanamo Bay.

But Obama's likely opponent is either without ideas or filled with bad ones that make non existent problems worse. Romney wants to give his fellow one percenters a massive tax cut, raise taxes on the middle class and poor. And he has no desire to tell the voters what else he wants to do.

Santorum wants to tell you what to do with your lives. Freedom, he said, is not having the ability to choose how to act, but to act as Santorum thinks you should. This is known as a Theocracy, while Romney's vision is of a Plutocracy. So I will take disappointing instead.

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