Friday, March 12, 2004


  • Factiod: The typical Massachusetts legislator is a 50-year-old, white, male, Roman Catholic, Massachusetts-born, married Democrat with two children and a graduate degree (about half are law degrees) who ran unopposed in the last election, according to Boston Globe research and analysis.

  • The typical Utah legislator is over 60, white, male, LDS (Mormon), Utah-born, married Republican with 6+ children and 20+ grandchildren who work in business who ran unopposed or virtually unopposed in the last election, according to my memory/Salt Lake Tribune.

  • The last two CO GOP Sens first elected as GOPers -- Sen. Wayne Allard and ex-Sen. Hank Brown -- served as Reps. for the state's fourth CD. So did ex-Rep Bob Schaffer, who is in the running still on the GOP side.

  • ex-AL Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore increasingly sounds like a right-wing protest candidate for the Constitution Party. Slate's Tim Noah interviewed him on NPR and he sure hedges a lot. "I would say that there's not much difference these days between those who run under one party or another because they're all after seeking power. Power's not what the Constitution was about. The Constitution was about a limitation on power. It was about the fact that the judiciary should stick to interpreting the law, not making it." Go, Roy, go!

  • "Citing intense public interest in the gay marriage debate and the potential news value" of Romney's "views, most of Boston's television news outlets agreed" 3/11 "to provide live coverage in the event the governor delivered a short statement after" the vote. What would he say? Eric Fehrnstrom, spokesperson for Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA), said Romney "is considering a plan to ask" the SJC "to stop the state from issuing" gay marriage licenses "if lawmakers approve" a marriage amendment. Fehrnstrom refused to "specify what" Romney had in mind, but "acknowledged that the legal options included a petition to the SJC to suspend" its ruling "until the voters had a chance to act" on a marriage amendment. Fehrnstrom: "On an issue as important as the definition of marriage the governor is not going to run and hide" Why hide when you can be on TV for free?

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