Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Another Hard hitting Interview

    Wlw AM interviewed VP Dick Cheney during the Reds-Cubs game at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park 4/5. It was the Reds opener. Some excerpts from the transript. Action questions to Cheney are in italics:

    Q: "I'd love to see a club go back to Washington. I really would." Cheney: "Me, too. It's a great baseball town." Q: "A ball and a strike to Grudzielanek, and the stretch and the pitch: breaking ball drops in for a called strike, and a 1-2 count to Mark Grudzielanek. He is one for two this afternoon, has scored a run. Busy year for you folks, huh?" Cheney: "Looks that way."

    Q asked: "Are you pleased with the way things look as far as the economy is concerned?" Cheney: "I am. I think all the signs are headed in the right direction." Q: "One-two pitch, swung on and missed. And Lidle picks up his second strike-out."

    More Q: "Well, I got to tell you, I enjoy you when you're on with Tim Russert." Cheney: "Yes." Q: "You might be -- you might be his favorite guest." Cheney: "We've done that a number of times over the years, and Tim does a great job." Q: "He really does." Cheney: "Good moderator." Q: "He sure does. Patterson to the plate. He takes, low and inside, a ball. Corey, a home run and was hit by a pitch. And he's scored two of the five Chicago runs. Lidle works, and Patterson a swing and a miss on a breaking ball -- way out in front. Now it evens, 1-1. So now you're in New Orleans tonight?"

    Later, Q says: "I'll tell you, [MO Sen] Jim Bunning when -- I played against him." Cheney: "Sure." Q: "And you talk about a competitor." Cheney: "He was. I served with him in the House of Representatives before he ran for the Senate." Q: "Pitch inside, and the full count to Patterson." Cheney: "I see a lot of him now because my only real job is as President of the Senate, under the Constitution, so I have lunch up there every Tuesday. And I usually see Jim at those lunches."

Talk about your softball questions...OK enough puns for now.

  • Celebs, including ex-Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA) and Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, "join regular people to talk about how they use Yahoo services" in a $100M ad campaignlaunching 4/8. The ads "use a split screen to show two Yahoo users simultaneously." Davis is "paired with a junior high school student who's using Yahoo Mail to persuade classmates to vote for her as treasurer of the eighth grade." He "is using Yahoo's search engine to find an agent" because if an ex-actor can be gov., "he says, maybe a 'former governor can be an actor'"

  • Coors CEO Pete Coors (R) "will enter" the CO Senate race today, according to CO Gov. Bill Owens (R). Owens: "I think Pete Coors would make an oustanding senator" More Owens: "I'll need to talk to ex-Rep. Bob Schaffer and make sure he's going to stay in the race, and I'll make a judgment between these two candidates shortly" Right, like you would chose that loser over a millioniare with instant name recognition...and a great slogan. "Free beer if you vote for me!" Wow, that just might work.

And the Bush Picture of the Day is...(drum roll please)

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