Thursday, July 01, 2004

First day of the rest of my life

Last night I got into Salt Lake at 1 AM MST, (which is 3 AM EST) yet somehow I woke up at 7 am MST, so I am still really tired but now I really can't fall asleep since their are workers re-stucco-ing my family's house.

Christina is off with an old friend from High School, who I've known since pre-Kindergarten. Meanwhile, I will sit and contemplate what to do with myself in my new surroundings.

All my big purchases (car, apartment/condo) are coming up soon and setting up steps (opening a bank account) will begin tomorrow. But for now, I am taking trips down memory lane via my old desk in my old room, which is not a museum but a storage bin. My bed has been disassembled and new furniture and boxes abound.

Looking at old pictures and letters and notes reminded me of all those thoughts I had at one point in my life. About what I was going to do with myself, what I thought was profound at the time. Makes me smile and wince, and often times agree.

I still am an idealistic person who wants to change the world, now I just know better what has a chance of working and how to do it. Or maybe I haven't changed as much as I thought I have, but merely have gotten older and more cynical.

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