Friday, December 03, 2004

Emptying the cabinet

So now Tommy Thompson is out too, and ex-Senator and UN Ambassador John Danforth as well (because he didn't get the secretary of state job, the baby). I wonder if Tommy will try for governor of WI again or if he too will try for President in 2008.

According to the rumormill, Bush wanted Giulliani to be his Homeland Security Director, but Rudy turned it down (he doesn't want to be under Bush's thumb in the race for 2008), so Rudy suggested the guy who held Pataki's coat during 9/11: Benard Kerik, the ex-NYPD chief. Kerik's done a great job training the Iraqi army hasn't he? Boy, they are just whipping out the insurgents and with no help at all from the US/"Coalition" [hopefully you could tell the last bit was scarastic]!

I am assuming that Bush will be the kingmaker in 2008, but I wonder if there will be Bush-fatiuge amoung even conservatives by then. I was tired with him on January 20, 2001 12:00:000000001. Didn't like the way he walzed up to the podium.

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