Friday, July 15, 2005

long time no update

Dear faithful readers,

I appologize for my week-long absense from the blogging world. My newly minted wife and I have entered the world of real estate while simultiously trying to move out of our apartment. We have made one offer already, but then thought better of it and are now contemplating making an offer on another place. I will be sure to send you all photos if we do. I have returned from my honeymoon and began to dive back into motions gallore at the District Attorney's office.

Meanwhile, the vultures are starting to circle in closer on Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush White House. People are beginning to realize that they do not care about national security, only about how their policies appear to the American voter. They do so by deamonizing their enemies, making them seem what BushCo. really is: weak, politically-centered, poll-driven, and willing to do anything to win an election, even if it means putting people's lives at risk (military and civilian).

Even more dangerous than jeparizing the lives of Vallerie Plame and her contacts to scare off future intelligence community whistleblowers, in my opinion, was the announcement of an important Al Qaeda arrest shortly after the Democratic Convention in the summer of 2004. Prof. Juan Cole points out that this announcement to the world that certain information givers on Al Qaeda had been compromised and stunted a British investigation into cells in their country that were likely involved in last week's bombings of Central London. This was no "accidental leak" like Karl Rove's to Bob Novak and Matthew Cooper, this was a press event by then-DHS Sec. Tom Ridge, who wouldn't have tied his shoelaces without Rove's, and ultimately George Walker Bush's, consent.

How dare they wrap themselves in the flag, dress up in uniforms, and pretend they have our country's best interests at heart? How dare they call veterans like John Kerry waffling political opportunists, career civil servants like Richard Clarke and Joseph Wilson partisan hacks, when it they are only describing themselves?

This is the most politically divisive, inempt, lying, politically-motivated, partisan thugish Administration since Nixon's. And in someways, they surpass that group of criminals. The Bush folks don't give a damn about abortion, gay marriage, or anything else religious conservatives care about, they just pretend to care because a solid 35% of voters do that they can decieve religious conservatives into voting for these morally corrupt individuals.

The more I think about what they are doing to our county and to our relations with the world and our citizen's safety, the madder and more sickened I become. Read this Op-Ed from General Clark to see how it should be done.

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