Thursday, September 01, 2005

A loss for words

I don't feel I have any place to write about the Hurricane that has destroyed New Orleans. I could go on about the Bush Administration's incompetence and lack of leadership. Or about how it is a bigger dent in the economy than 9/11 was. Or about the racial and class issues about how the city was evacuated.

I would rather talk about my wife's old AP US History teacher and Church Choir Organist George (and our church organist), who is trapped in the Sheraton down there because he was at a College Board conference. Or about my friend Ethan whom I met this summer clerking who went back to Tulane Law 3 weeks ago. Or my dad's ex-law partner who taught at Tulane and his house was 8 blocks away from one of the leavies that broke. I have seen online that many schools have graciously let law students visit their schools for the semester. I just hope Ethan and his French wife are ok, and from the email I have read, my dad's old partner is ok, but financially devistated. Or that George is coming through ok.

They are the lucky ones. Their body isn't floating in the flood waters. They weren't trapped in the Superdome. While the Tulane professor has lost his house and won't have a job at least a semester, he has shelter and has been in contact with friends and family.

We may see more deaths from the water-born diseases that come from unsanitary water and massive flooding. This really is the definion of disaster. It is a glimpse of what the people of South East Asia experienced last winter with the Tsumami. God bless all those souls in New Orleans and in the South East Asia.

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