Monday, November 06, 2006

James Evans smears again

On the heals of several polls showing Democratic candidate Jim Winder dramatically surging from far behind to far ahead, SLCo GOP party chair James Evans has tried to create a new "scandal."
...James Evans released a video to local media with several clips of Winder leading training sessions for Salt Lake County sheriff's deputies. In the video, Winder makes several inflammatory remarks "unbecoming to the man who wants to be your sheriff," Evans said.
In one clip, Winder said, "I want to be a hero, so I come in from the south side because I want to get there quicker than anybody else so I can give an a-- kicking or maybe shoot some guy if I'm really lucky. No s---."
In several other clips, Winder makes fun of South Salt Lake and Utah Transit Authority officers, as well as dispatchers and other patrol officers.
The video is nearly four minutes long and features a compilation of embarrassing statements Winder made during two separate training sessions that lasted a total of eight hours. Winder said he couldn't comment on the actual statements made in the video since they were clips that could have been taken out of context.

I saw the clips on KSL-TV, and the journalist there was extremely skeptical of Evans' claims. Out of two 4 hour long training sessions, they came up with 4 minutes of segments. Winder told KSL that he often would do role playing, and the clips showed his examples to new Deputies of what not to do.

This, like Evans' charge against Sim Gill, utter crap. Gill, you will recall, failed to properly fill out his disclosure reports--one of 10 candidates to do so (5 Republicans 5 Democrats)--and later fixed his reports. This is an attempt a moral equalizing where the two are not equal. Golfing during work hours is not the same as saying naughty things during training to get through to recruits. Accepting otherwise illegal straw donations from a company that is seeking to contract with your office is not the same as improperly filling out a disclosure form.

Evans in short has no shame. There is no depth he will not go to in hopes to win. What perfidy will he stoop to next? (Sorry my word of the day)

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