Monday, April 09, 2007

the people will be heard

Despite what our state legislature wanted, and what out-of-state monied interests demand, Utahns will be able to decide if they want to privatize their schools and if taxpayer money should go towards building an unnecessary soccer stadium.

Now I don't want to turn Utah into California, where the legislature and governor are powerless to make any real changes and only monied interest groups can get big issues on a 1 inch thick ballot booklet. However, Utah's petition rules are draconian and anti-democratic, requiring (usually) lots of money to fund ballot issues.

However, despite scary TV ads by the out-of-state voucher groups, it looks like those who want to keep our public schools public and keep the state out of private schools have more than enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot in November. I still think the whole law can be overturned as unconstitutional under the State's constitution as well, regardless of what SCOTUS wrote about it.

Meanwhile, folks are gathering signatures against the Dolan-Huntsman-Curtis Stadium, brought to you by ego.

In general, when the people really want something or don't like something, and the constitutional rights of a minority group would not be infringed, I don't see why the issue should not be reconsidered and voted upon.

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