Monday, April 30, 2007

unsurprising news

As I predicted, Enid Greene announced she would not run for a full term as UT GOP chair after Joe Cannon gave her the post so he could turn the Deseret News into the Washington Times of Salt Lake.
Greene — divorced from convicted felon Joe Waldholtz for more than a decade — is planning to remarry this summer. And she said she wants to give her time to personal pursuits.
"We're selling houses and building a house and blending families and I have much to do," said Greene. She's not closing the door to any future political campaign, just this one. "I want to see the party in good hands. There's a bit of a vacuum in leadership. I believe we will find a good chairman; it just won't be me."

Remember Enid, when you sell a house, you can't funnel it into a political committee, no matter what "your ex-husband told you." But the best quote of all is this unintentially revealing comment "It was never a backroom kind of an agreement," said Jeff Hartley, state GOP executive director. "It was a gentleman's agreement so we wouldn't get into the position of the governor backing one (chairman) candidate, and the two U.S. senators backing others and so on." That's right all the gentlemen agreed, so Enid had to go get remarried and have babies. After all, politics are for men, right Utah GOP?

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