Friday, June 01, 2007

1101th post

I am beginning to think that the 2008 presidential race will turn out quite differently than I previously imagined.

On the Republican side, it seems that Giuliani may actually win it. Wingnuts are conspiring to try to take down the authoritarian, twice adulterous, cross-dressing ex-mayor of New York City. But they will fail in all likelihood. Romney has a lead now in Iowa, but his money may run out before people vote (like Howard Dean in 2003). Plus, I just don't think Southerners will hold their noses and vote for him, unlike Giuliani due his perceived bravery and toughness on terrorism/-ists. McCain is imploding, with Fred Thompson to essentially take his place in the horse race.

On the Democratic side, Obama is in a funk. The spark that was 2006 and the first quarter surprises in funding and crowds is slipping away with each over-consulted cautious move and speech. To make up the ground he has lost and to narrow the gap in key states (let alone to win) Obama needs to get back to what got him here: not listening to those Washington consultants. He wrote his own DNC keynote speech, and even though they tweaked it, it purposely did a 180 from his Democratic consultant based radio address that put people to sleep. He needs to unchain himself from consultants and put caution to the wind. Clinton is putting a sleeper hold on the rest of the nominees. John Edwards is flailing about, trying to pander to every Democratic group on everything. But I distrust him and doubt he will go much further than he did in 2004. Richardson's belly flop on Meet the Republicans was horrific. How can you be a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan? I can respect Yankee players while still hating them and their team (I am a Red Sox fan). I hope Faux News does have its debate with Senator windbag, Representative whinny dwarf, and ex-Senator crazy Grandpa. It will really make Faux News the laughing stock that it is. Oh and Gore isn't going to run...or endorse.

UPDATE: insiders agree with me.

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