Wednesday, June 06, 2007

please take over

dear guest blogger invitees,

please start posting on this blog. I know I said the other day that blogging keeps me sane, but sucking on the multiple choice questions is driving me crazy.

The day I never have to fill in a bubble sheet again will be a happy one indeed. Those things are an abomination. Somehow, I always manage to chose a stupid answer that I never would have. And I always miss a row or mess up which bubble to fill in all the time.

The GRE had multiple choice questions on the computer, where they could vary the questions according to how many of the easy and moderate ones you got wrong. I sucked at that too, but at least I felt that was fairer than worrying about erasing and filling in ovals with a number two pencil or pen (with correction tape).

Standardized tests are evil. Not to sound arrogant, but I am much smarter than my test results. I scored average on my SATs but thankfully Brown looked past that, and I graduated with honors. I did average on the LSATs, but thankfully the U law school looked past that, and I graduated with honors in some classes and semesters. Now at least the Utah Bar, I just need to pass (and get a 133+ on the MBE for the DC Bar), but I still worry about that given how poorly contracts and property MC questions are going.

Anyway, help would be appreciated. I will try to post when I can.

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Marshall said...

Have you seen where finger length can predict SAT scores? How does that work?

But then evidently there was study that finger length was a predictor for aggression too...go figure.