Monday, July 09, 2007

get ready to get spun

A new Deseret News/Dan Jones poll on the vouchers issue came out, and the results are the same:

"We do have quite a bit of education to do in the community, and that is why our plan revolves mostly around grass-roots efforts and really taking the time to explain the true merits of the voucher program," said Leah Barker, spokeswoman for Parents for Choice in Education. "We feel that when we are faced with that 57 percent and we have an opportunity of three to five minutes to sit down with them and explain certain things, then they are more likely to change their mind and say they will be voting for vouchers," Barker said.

And by "education" and "sit down with them and explain," she means TV ads funded by rich ideologs from out of state filling with lies and distortions. "I think that it is in line with the value system that Utah families have — when families really understand what the voucher program is about, then they are going to vote 'yes' because it is right in line with their value and belief system," Barker said.

Their value and belief system? You mean the Book of Mormon said that thou shalt use public monies for private schools and that private schools should go away? Funny, I don't see ANY LDS private schools, in Utah or any other state.

Such heavy handed tactics are bound to flop. Just look at how "Utah values" were used against Jim Matheson over and over again, with increasingly diminishing returns. Just ask not congressman John Swallow.

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