Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In case you missed it

A story in today's Salt Lake Tribune caught my eye:
Provo police cited actor Gary Coleman for disorderly conduct after witnesses said they saw him having a heated discussion with a woman last Friday evening.
Passers-by told police Coleman's temper was rising and he was hitting the steering wheel of his vehicle. The witnesses were concerned and called police.
Coleman moved to Santaquin in 2005, around the time he starred in "Church Ball" an LDS-genre movie filmed in Utah County.

Now Utah County has two black people in it. I guess I am a bit Gary Coleman obsessed because I just listened to the soundtrack of one of my favorite Broadway plays Avenue Q while driving 1,070+ miles this weekend:
I'm Gary Coleman from TV's Diff'rent Strokes
I made a lot of money that got stolen by my folks
Now I'm broke, and I'm the butt of everyone's jokes
But I'm here, the superintendent of Avenue Q!

It's bad enough that Gary Coleman was exploited by his parents and TV producers, but now he has to live in Santaquin? Talk about adding insult to injury.

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