Friday, August 24, 2007

the perfect job for Scott Jr.

(Photo Credit: © 2007 Rick Egan/Salt Lake Tribune)

I am sure Scott M. Matheson Jr. wishes he was in the governor's mansion as Governor, but I think the set up is actually best for both men. The son of the last Democratic governor, my friend and former Dean of my law school is best suited to be the head of this state mine safety commission. He is a brilliant thinker and able to argue and reason with others behind closed doors to come out with some great policy. That's his strength.

It is not giving speeches or shaking hands or being a physically commanding presence in a situation. It seems Jon Huntsman Jr. is better at that. So while Huntsman will get all the glory for taking leadership after sitting back and watching the Feds and Murray Energy's incompetence cost at least 3 miners their lives, Matheson will do the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Matheson will skillfully find positions that pro-industry/mining region politicians (like Sen. Mike Dmitrich, D-Price), mining union officials, and experienced hands from the Sego mine disaster all agree on. The irony that Matheson would be the best at the real work of being a governor, but is bad at running for governor. Meanwhile, Huntsman is good at being the public face of the governor. I hope these two team up more for the sake of our state.

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