Monday, August 13, 2007

poll smoker

Dave Buhler will be sure to dance on this poll:

But there is also good news here for Becker as well as bad for Christensen. Becker's numbers have increased and the large movement towards Buhler seems to have come at the expense of Christensen. Maybe Republican voters have solidified behind Buhler, who seems to have more of a fighting chance.
"It's very encouraging," he said. "Our campaign is starting to catch fire."
He captured the largest chunk of Republican voters (49 percent) and LDS voters (40 percent).

Still 24% are undecided which means that either these folks won't vote, or that things could change dramatically in the next few weeks. But the worst news of all is for Rocky Anderson
When asked if they would vote for the mayor - if he had sought a third term - or one of the other candidates, 61 percent of respondents said they would opt for a challenger.

According to the "experts," Becker has to get at least half of those undecideds to get the second spot. But the same problem remains "Becker, a Democratic leader in the Legislature, was the least known of the major candidates in the survey."

My advice to Christensen and Becker? Attack Buhler HARD (with his record). You both are more progressive than him, and Becker the most progressive. No more kumbaya sessions at the "forums" or "debates," point out his REPUBLICAN and CONSERVATIVE record. Every chance you get, hit Buhler with his voting record and point out the hollowness of his rhetoric. People who support Buhler because of his sham moderate messaging will soon peal off to undecided or your camp. Even if they go to Jenny, that's one less vote you need to get to get to second place.

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jonathan said...

I agree, they should hit Buhler hard with his record; only the most naive person would think it would hurt him.