Sunday, October 14, 2007

cutting the crap

Buhler is claiming he is an environmentalist and that Becker is not. I will pause for the laughter to die down.
"He has been with us 100 percent of the time," Scott Daniels, chairman of the Utah chapter of the Sierra Club said about Becker, whom the group has endorsed. "The environmental community feels very comfortable with him."
Any politican can use a locale as a prop and make promises. Remember that prison that Governor Huntsman was going to build? I am sure the people of Daggett County remember that too.

So next time Buhler attacks Becker and holds a press conference in some place to make his point (the capitol, a water treatment plant) remember to ask the people who really care about a given issue, who they support. That way, you can cut through the crap--by looking at records, not plans--and know who you should vote for if the given issue is important to you.

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Tyler said...

But I thought Becker wants you to look at his plans? I mean, he is Blue Print Man afterall, isn't he?