Monday, December 17, 2007

annoying Christmas songs

Here is one of my biggest pet peeves about Christmas--there are only like 20 good Christmas songs, yet they have stations that play only Christmas music non-stop for over a month. The result, pressure for more Christmas songs, the vast majority of which are terrible.

The ones I dislike the most are ones that really have absolutely nothing to do with the idea that Christmas is Jesus' birthday observed. Or even the sentiment about thinking of others etc. Instead, they are a) capable of getting stuck in your head b) while talking about "Santa" or other creations by corporations [Coca-Cola created him to boost sales of their flavored sugar water during the winter]. The exemplars of this horrific-style are "Santa Baby" and "Rockin' around the Christmas Tree." The only time using songs like these is appropriate is for ironic purposes--such as in a Christmas comedy like "Bad Santa"-- or if you are having a party that mocks the worst parts of commericalized Christmas (complete with blinking lights and sweaters). Otherwise, these songs really should be put out of their misery.

It is fine if kids want to sing songs like "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" or "Frosty the Snowman," but please don't make me hear it on the radio.

What are your most hated Christmas songs?


Marshall said...

pr0le said...

Saintless posted the Christmas song I hate the most, and it also happened to be the absolute worst version of it this world has ever known:

Basically Christmas songs suck though - they're not good songs, they're merely traditional so they keep getting played and people keep liking them. Bleccchhh.

derekstaff said...

Along with those you mentioned, add "Jingle Bell Rock" to the list. And I can't stand pretty much anything by Michael McLean. Nor most modern "pop" or "hip-hop" songs which are somehow considered holiday because they talk about how much you miss your baby on Christmas.