Saturday, December 01, 2007

another great idea by me

So I am huge fan of the TV show Mythbusters. The show has robot/movie special effects builders scientifically testing myths like "Is it easy to shoot fish in a barrel?" I bought tickets when the hosts Adam and Jaime came to talk at the U. I wrote them a letter the next day or so, suggesting they do a show on MacGyver. My idea was that the two main hosts could compete against each other in MacGyver like escapes.

Then last night I am watching several episodes of the show on my Comcast DVR (I am switching to DirecTV [thanks to Bob's advice regarding land lines] and need to purge my old DVR). Anyway, I saw a teaser for a MacGuyver-themed episode! Seems like they listened to my idea, even if they will never give me credit.

Happy December and happy snow day everyone.

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