Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fun fact

Other than national cable TV ads by Obama and a fundraiser held in Miami by HRC, no Democrats are doing anything in Florida. Yet...
the number of returned absentee ballots in Florida so far [96,286] exceeds the total number turned in in the 2004 general election [93,909], and the number of Democratic early voters [121,693] plus the number of absentees requested is more [316,940] than the number of actual voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada combined.
The party projects a turnout of more than 1,000,000.
One Million votes, basically without any campaigning? That's some pretty excited Democrats and it has got to make Republicans nervous, both the targeted House members, and the GOP nominee wannabes. Republicans need to win Florida in order to keep the White House, period. It would be pretty embarrassing and foreboding if the Democrats outdraw the Republicans, who have been campaigning like mad for weeks in the Sunshine State, in the upcoming primary.

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