Thursday, January 31, 2008

not really about the cali debate

While Hillary and Obama were prepping for their big debate, John Edwards was watching his UNC Tarheals drub the BC Eagles. He was sitting next to his eldest daughter, who seemed to be enjoying herself tremendously. JRE meanwhile, looked despondent even while his alma mater was beating John Kerry's law school. It was a very human moment. I am sure as happy he was to see his team up close and to have an evening with his daughter, but was understandably sad that he wasn't still in the race.

I am surprised he dropped out when he did but I guess he did it to maintain maximum positives when he left and to make himself an influential endorser. Maybe he was thinking about his choice.

The debate was very cordial and I thought they both did pretty well. Obama is better off when it is sitting down and friendly, but he still needed to wow viewers and knock her down to some extent. And that didn't happen really. Still, the race is tightening as more people are tune in and the race narrows to two.

Anyway, Lost is back, so I am going to watch it.

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