Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the gift that keeps on giving

Sen. Buttars is now pushing back after trying to lay low last week. After his "black baby" comment, he gave the standard non-appology appology (I am sorry that you were offended, you oversensitive liberals) then hid out. Now even though his Republican collegues have asked him to announce he would not seek reelection, Buttars refused. West Jordan's state senator went so far as to compare the calls for his resignation by NCAAP and others to a lynch mob. That's right, a mob that used to severely beat, then hang black men and boys for merely whistling at a white woman or less.

I know Rob is in charge of candidate recruitment and some offices are more high profile, but I would tell him that Buttars' seat should be one of, if not the top target this fall. Every Republican in the legislature can be put on record about what they think of Buttars, every one of Buttars' donors can be asked if they approve of such statement. Sure, African-Americans make up .9% of the state population, and that number is probably less in Buttars' district, but I doubt that those who took offense was limited to Blacks. And really, the comment is just part of a series of actions by Buttars that are offensive and demeaning.

People don't like to be respresented by embarressing politicans, which is why they usually resign or pledge to not run again. Some times, like Rick Santorum, they get kicked to the curb by their constituents hard.

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Misty Fowler said...

Someone needs to come up with a video that has footage and/or audio of Buttars at his best. (Any takers?)