Monday, March 10, 2008

marginal candidates

Who is having the last laugh now? (Vice Chair Todd Weiler (R) [Left] and Vice Chair Rob Miller (D)[Right] © 2008 Ben McAdams)

Sigh, and I was about to write snide remark about Rob's recruting abilities.
The first person to file for election against popular Republican Gov. Jon Huntsman is a registered Republican who was charged with marijuana possession in January and is seeking the Democratic nomination.
Monty Nafoosi, 53, is a Bountiful real estate developer.
He was charged by Bountiful police Jan. 2 with possession of less than 16 ounces of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
Nafoosi, who lists his nickname as "Millionaire" on the lieutenant governor's Web site, could not immediately be reached for comment Monday. A pretrial conference on the charges was scheduled for Thursday.
Nafoosi's Web site indicates that a cleaner environment is one of his goals.
"By the end of my first term as governor of Utah, my goal is to have an electric car in every garage," his site says.
Utah Democratic Party spokesman Bill Keshlear said Nafoosi isn't someone party officials are backing in their bid to unseat Huntsman, who has said he will seek a second term.
"He's a marginal kind of candidate," Keshlear said of Nafoosi. "This is not the guy we've recruited."
Keshlear said the Democratic Party has recruited a candidate to run against Huntsman, although that person won't be announced for several more days.
Could Nafoosi be any more cartoonishly Mike Gravel/Ralph Nader? What posesses such clowns to run? All of the attention?

As a whole though, Rob has really been stellar at recruitment. He has gotten so many seats filled where it is rough going, like Utah County. Over in Happy Valley, one is afraid to tell the neighbors they're a Democrat. (But Rob's changing that) He has gotten some great candidates in highly symbolic key races like Curtis's and Buttars's seats. I am muy impressed.

Rob's biggest advantages are the legislature's overstepping on vouchers, as well as the neverending stream of conflicts of interest that the legislators exhibit in large numbers. But if Rob can topple Speaker Curtis, it will be about as big as Bill Foster (D-IL) winning ex-Speaker Hastert's seat 52-47.
"By itself, this would not be that big of a deal, but coupled with everything else it will just deflate the [House Republican] Conference," said an aide to one top GOP lawmaker. "And symbolically, losing Hastert's seat is like the toppling of the Saddam statue in Baghdad for Republicans."
Now that's mental image that will stick in your head.


ryanshaunkelly said...

Gravel Kucinich Paul Nader;
dare speak truth,
demand peace.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts -

Rob said...

I wish I could take credit for Utah County but the credit belongs to Utah County Chair Richard Davis and Vice Chair Larry Brown. I also would like to state that Weber County has also done a great job recruiting as has Cache and Washington counties.

Overall, legislator recruitment is a team effort, and Wayne and I want everyone who has assisted us that we appreciate their hard work.

Most importantly, we appreciate our Democratic candidates who have stepped up to the challenge of running for office, they are truly are my heroes.

Misty Fowler said...

Were you wandering around PetSmart earlier this evening? I was there with my puppy for training classes, and couldn't go say hi, but I'm pretty sure it was you. Or else you have an evil twin running around.

Oldenburg said...

It wasn't me, but he can't have been that evil if he was at PetSmart.

Good thing you didn't say hi to bizzaro Oldenburg.