Tuesday, May 13, 2008

irony or poetic justice?

It seems the radical presidency of George W. Bush has had some drastic effects that he would regret:
National membership in the [ACLU], which fights for freedom of speech and religion, equal protection, due process and privacy, has doubled since Bush took office in 2001 - an extraordinary spurt of growth for the 88-year-old institution. [...]
The ACLU counted about 250,000 members in the final year of Bill Clinton's presidency. Today, the organization has about 500,000 card-carriers, 2,500 of them in Utah.
Fundraising has increased in kind. According the IRS, the nonprofit had about $44 million in annual revenues in the 2000 fiscal year. In the fiscal year ending in March of 2007, it collected more than $80 million.
By the end of Clinton's second term, Utah's ACLU chapter had only 1,300 members.

To its credit, the ACLU has stayed extremely ideological but definately not partisan. Both parties have found its positions annoying and objectionable. It is considering helping the polygamists in Texas, is against voter ID laws but for eliminating campaign finance regulation (save disclosure laws), against the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegence, against the public displays of the Ten Commandments, against torture, against warrantless wiretapping, against "extrodinary rendition," for same sex marriage, and for Rep. William "$90,000 in his House office freezer" Jefferson (D-LA) [he declined their offer of help]. Its members include likely Libertarian Party presidential nominee ex-Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA), who lead the impeachment battle against Bill Clinton .

Their role as Gadfly and legal harrasser of the Bush Administration will ensure that future Administrations will think twice before attempting to expand their powers, let alone exercise those claimed by Bush during his 8 years....especially with all of those new members and new donors.

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Mark Towner said...


Here are my Bush predictions just before he leaves office. By Executive order he will undue Grand Staircase, offshore drilling, ANWAR drilling under the guise of National Security. He will do like Clinton's outrageous pardons, but they will involve flooding the pipeline with energy without the ability of the environmental lobby to stop it. There is going to be some serious payback smack for Elected Officials respected states that ticked him off. The blood will flow on the capital hill steps. Since everyone already hates the guy, why should he care what anyone thinks, Clinton sure didn't

Captain Mark