Thursday, May 29, 2008

running a city like a business

After all of the heat Sandy's mayor Tom Dolan, along with his staff and members of the City Council are getting, they decided to change things up a bit.
Sandy's leaders revised the bonus policy after revelations surfaced about the city's top-heavy incentive program.
Under the new caps, employees will be eligible for up to a 1 percent bonus until they max out in their salary ranges. Then, they could score up to a 5 percent payout each year based on performance.
That means Chief Administrative Officer Byron Jorgenson, who pocketed $12,500 in bonuses this year, could take home no more than a $7,550 check on his $151,000 salary. A police officer whose pay has peaked at $53,000 could earn up to a $2,650 reward.
All workers also will be eligible for an additional 1 percent in "spot awards" for exceptional achievements.
In addition to the new caps, Mayor Tom Dolan has decided to drop his annual 1 percent incentive.
How magnanimous of him and the Council. So why do Dolan and his cronies deserve semi-secret bonuses on from taxpayers? Don't ask me.

But the rationale I would expect would contain some version of the trite phrase "government should be run like business." The trouble is, Sandy Corporation has been run like Tyco, Worldcomm, Adelphia, and Bear Stearns. The top management lavished on themselves without regard to what the shareholders wanted, instead, they just sucked up to their sycophantic board of directors. Sandy Corporation's shareholders are those who pay property, 911, sales, and other taxes and fees towards the city. Dolan et al tried to hide their bonuses from those shareholders, and their board of director--the city council--let Dolan get away with it for a while. And much like I despise the salaries, bonuses, and side compensation that the management of KCPW recieved while tanking their station, I despise what Dolan et al has done.

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