Friday, June 06, 2008

ironic website of the week

In a break from political news discussion, I wanted to share this with my readers. Today I attended a new lawyer ethics training session for the morning. Appearantly, you are not supposed to have intercourse with your clients. Who knew? Just kidding. Of course, since we are talking about attorneys, there are exceptions to this rule: if you have pre-existing relationship of that kind. Anyway, the session also included a talk about stress and how to handle your addictions, including helpful links to sites that will provide you with more information about addictions such as narcotics, alcohol, and internet. That's right, for people are addicted to checking their blogs and emails etc. (like yours truely)--they suggest you go on a website to read about it. It's called and even has a test to see if you are an addict. I haven't taken the test, but given that I read about 300+ posts a day, a feel deprived if I go for two days without going onto my Google Reader, I am pretty confident that I am hooked.

In any event, enjoy the website and have a great weeekend.

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