Friday, June 20, 2008

trying to make news

There are things happening in Utah...really there are. Yet one of the more annoying trends in local news coverage is to take a national story and ask some dude in Utah what he thinks about it. First off, how is this news? A poll might be news, but the way these "man on the street" interviews are picked are not representative, and thus do not tell us anything more than what some dude thinks. And really, if I wanted to know that, I could walk up to the water cooler, or the gym, or the sports bar. At least when "Jay Walking" does the same thing is at least mildly funny/depressing. But it only shows how stupid the people who the Tonight Show editors pick are.
Golf: Locals mixed on Woods' surgery
By Jay Drew
The Salt Lake Tribune
Posted: 9:35 AM- Several recreational golfers making the turn at Salt Lake City's Wingpointe Golf Course late Wednesday morning saw and heard the news for the first time.
"Tiger Woods will undergo season-ending knee surgery" rolled across the bottom of the clubhouse television screen, drawing a gasp or a "I'm not surprised" from almost every golfer who noticed.
I won't quote further since that would infringe on Jay's golf outing that he managed to turn into a "story" by sitting on his duff and letting a bunch of white dudes ramble on while the tape recorder runs.

In fact, by writing this post, I have already put more effort and words into this story than Jay did. And I didn't even get paid. Have a great weekend everyone!

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