Tuesday, July 22, 2008

four-days a week

Governor Huntsman's innovative idea (I think Burmingham, AL might have proposed it first, but Utah is the first state to adopt it) to switch to a 4-day work week is already popular with state government employees:
Employees were asked a series of questions to measure their attitude toward the new schedule. Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. announced the workweek as a way to save an estimated $3 million annually in energy costs by closing many state buildings on Fridays.

Fifty-six percent of those responding said they preferred working four 10-hour days to the traditional five-day workweek. Under the governor's plan, on Aug. 4 about 23,000 employees will begin working from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Most respondents said they anticipated the new schedule would have no impact on meeting child-care needs, using public transportation, holding second jobs or attending school.

More than 40 percent said they believe the shorter workweek will have a positive impact on their personal activities outside of work, while nearly 31 percent said the impact would likely be negative.

But more than 60 percent disagreed with the statement that there were many negatives associated with the new schedule that could not be overcome. Nearly as many disagreed that working four 10-hour days would be very inconvenient.

The results are similar to those found by another recent survey, which was conducted by the Utah Public Employees Association. The four-day workweek was favored by 75 percent of the state workers who took the association's e-mail survey, the UPEA reported.
The quasi-union likes it, the state-sponsored survey like it, it saves energy, both public tax dollars and private fuel costs. What's not to like? The only drawback is trying to get any state government related chore done on a Friday. But then again, you can use Utah.gov's online services to do things like renew a driver's license or vehicle registration...that saves time and stamps.


SLC Mama said...

I wonder if Mondays would have been a better day to have off, but in any case I approve of the switch.

Bob said...

West Valley City has been on a 4-day workweek for years....