Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gift Idea

Today after church I was watching my favorite TV time waster: some top whatever nostalgia show on VH1. (Man, have they cornered the market on that crap or what?) Anyway, I saw an ad two or three times and I thought to myself, "Now I know what to get Rudy Giuliani for Christmas!"

Check it out in all of its glory here (warning, the ad runs immediately with sound) [H/T Democratic Underground]

9+11=20, get it? How mindbogglingly exploitative. Thanks Liberian government! Can some one please explain to me who buys these coins/metal dollar bills and why?

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Curtis said...

Fun fact:

20 Liberian Dollars equals 31 cents.

I am sure these fine profiteers really are selling these guys "at face value"

If people want to blow their money that badly, I say go for it... Better yet cut out the middle man and just send $19.69 directly to me!