Friday, September 26, 2008

Bennett's gone Washington

Not that he ever was a man of the people--a millionaire son of a Senator who was tangentially involved in the Watergate Scandal (so much so that at least one author wondered if Bennett was Deep Throat)--is hardly like most Utahns.

But this week he and the traditional media thought he was the "go-to" Republican Senator for the Wall Street bailout bill. Funny thing happened though....John McCain's had a temper tantrum and instead of being himself the go-to Senator, he helped enable House Republicans from bailing on the deal, and now it is DOA. And now WaMu just went under (and was swallowed up my Chase) and the market tumbled down even more.

How out of touch is Bennett that he didn't see the popular revolt against this bill coming? Liberals and Conservatives are screaming bloody murder about it, as are non-ideologues who won small businesses. Mom and Pop businesses don't get bailed out. I guess they don't give enough campaign contributions to people like Bennett to notice. And yes Sen. Bennett this includes us Uthans too, we don't like it.

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