Monday, October 13, 2008


[Rep. Sheryl] Allen, R-Bountiful, has called [Rep. Greg] Hughes' offer to former Rep. Susan Lawrence, R-Holladay, a bribe, but did not join in filing an ethics complaint against Hughes.
Isn't a bribe something that requires an ethics investigation?

Here's another thing I don't get:
Hughes has filed a complaint against [Rep. Phil] Riesen [R-Holiday], claiming he abused his official position by leaking the ethics complaint to the news media.
Yeah it is abuse of power to inform the public that one of your colleagues allegedly attempted to bribe another colleague in exchange for voting in favor of a bill. Given how the ethics committee has operated in the past (even the Treasurer's race investigation this year was slow walked), forcing the issue by leaking to the media wasn't a bad idea.

Hughes has a good attorney representing him and the entire Utah GOP party establishment behind him. The public, however, might be another story. Where is a poll on his reelection when we need it?

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