Thursday, July 30, 2009

Utah Dems Carrooned on a Deseret Island

Jim Matheson, Utah's lone Democrat in Congress, decided he would rather stay put in the House. This bums me out, because this was his best shot at the Governor's Mansion. And the Senate could have been a good shot too if Bennett lost. Heck, Jim outraised Bob Bennett thus far. But I guess Jim is having too much fun giving Henry Waxman a hard time being courted by President Obama to take a risk and lose his plum committee assignment. So now Utah Demcocrats have shifted their gaze to Sal Lake Co. Mayor Peter Carroon. Carroon actually represents more people than Jim Matheson. I wouldhave to see who got more raw votes last time. Anyway, Carroon has been positioning himself for a while now, with that loud tax fight woth the County Council. Plus he gets to keep his job and his cousin Howard Dean can raise big bucks for him out of state.
Still, Peter is definately Plan B. Let's just hope he steps up to the plate and gives still LG Herbert (or whomever else the GOP electorate chooses) a good run. As a friend and semi-retired Dem operative said to me today: "I'm tired of losing."


Anonymous said...

There are over 1,000 people on Facebook who disagree with you, and are thrilled at Mayor Corroon's chances for becoming Utah's next Governor. :)

Unknown said...

If my post came off as demeaning Carroon's candidacy or person, I did not mean it. I think he would make a great governor and would wholeheartedly support him if he got into the race. I stand by my comments that his chances are less than Jim Matheson's would have been, however.