Friday, August 07, 2009

In 2006, Democrats told Americans to put them back in control of Congress so that they could pass legislation, like ending the war. But very little happened. The excuse during the 2007-08 period was essentially "Well, you can't do anything without 60 votes." After Specter switched parties avoid losing in the GOP primary and Coleman threw in the towel this spring, the Democratic Caucus had 60 votes. Now there excuse is this: Kennedy & Bryd are sick so it is really only 58.

The American people voted to give you control of the Congress and the White House because they wanted change, not because they wished Congress critters would get along.

Grow a pair and get some bills passed. No more excuses.

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Jesse Harris said...

We don't even have the sweeping ethics reform that was promised almost three years ago. The political reality is that Democrats have a year to do what they said or face another "throw the bums out" election. (Not that I'm saying the new bums will better than the current bums, mind you.)