Sunday, September 06, 2009

Senator Reid, call their bluff

All this talk about 60 votes versus 51 votes in the Senate misses a big point. Let the minority filibuster health care reform. Let them read the phone book for insurance companies. Let the Nelsons and the Liebermans of the Senate vote against cloture and make them read the OED. How many times can you talk about "socialized medicine," "death panels," and "a thousand pages long" during that pajama party? Go ahead pompous windbags, I dare you. If Harry Reid wants to get reelected he will stand up and make these self-proclaimed moderates put their butts at their desks for days straight and stand in the way of the people who want their health care not to suck.


Watch 'n Wait said...

Not a bad idea. Makes me laugh to think about it. The more they carry on, the stupider they look, the less likely they'll be reelected. Great!

Ms. Alberts said...

WOOOOO! YEAH! You tell 'em, Dave!