Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Will-fully ignorant

You know what grinds my gears while I can't sleep at night? People who state false or misleading things that they KNOW are false and misleading, but apparently it is their job to that in DC. I can understand a dumb congresscritter or Sarah Palin making such statement because they are just repeating talking points.

But people like George Will, who is obviously intelligent and a good writer. He intentionally omits key details, misrepresents information, and many other debating no-nos to support his argument...when he clearly understands that the average reader/viewer will only agree with him if they get that particularly distorted view of reality. If said reader/viewer got the whole picture, however, they would disagree.

Such dishonesty is hard to swallow for me. It is one thing to make your case, it is another thing do it underhandedly on a weekly basis. How do they sleep?

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