Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On Scott McCoy

Senator McCoy, who I am proud to say is my state senator is resigning to focus on his day job as a lawyer. I can tell you from doing research on legislative history of statutes that he was often the loan voice of reason trying to explain to his colleagues why the bill wouldn't do what they wanted it to do. I am a sad to see him go for many reasons and wish him luck in his trial.

One of the main reasons why I am sad is selfish. To me it means that any thoughts of getting more involved in politics means giving up my practice and therefore means I should be giving up on politics. That's the decision my father made it seems but we were both bit by the politics bug. Do you think both can be done?

Another reason is not that I thought he was a maverick but that he was a good state senator. Sounds corny I know but I am a corny guy. Just ask my friends who have to endure some of my "jokes".

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