Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why I am voting for Matheson

In the House race, Wright's FEC report showed the longtime educator raised $14,696 since shortly before she forced Matheson into his first primary race.

Matheson already had $1,413,047 cash on hand in campaign war chest in April. His latest report was not available Thursday.

Put in perspective, for every bill emblazoned with George Washington's image that Wright raised during the most recent reporting period, Matheson already had a crisp Benjamin Franklin stashed in the bank.

The money brought in by Wright since the April filing brings her campaign's fundraising total to $23,617. She reports having $6,598 cash on hand.
Six thousand dollars? You can't even pay for postage with that much. If she were to some how win, Philpot would win in a heartbeat.

And I have actually met Philpot, and even though he is a nice smart guy who has real thought out reasons for why he holds his conservative views, is a nice guy, and is smart, but as a Democrat, I want to hold this seat and pass some good laws.


heydebhenry said...

You do realize that Matheson's money comes from the same oil and gas companies that are polluting our gulf and the Red Butte creek right now, don't you? You know he voted for the Energy Act in 2005 that made fracturing EXEMPT from the clean air and clean water acts, right? That people are drinking water in Texas and Colorado with poisonous chemicals in it thanks to that act? Matheson hasn't even commented on either of these because he's afraid the oil companies will stop giving him money!

That's what you're voting for when you vote for Matheson. When you vote for Matheson, you're saying that behavior like that is ok with you.

We need better representation and that starts with getting people like Matheson out of office.

I'd rather vote for Claudia Wright and be able to live with myself than play some strategy game where it's predetermined that I lose.

rmwarnick said...

I especially get a laugh out of Rep. Matheson's new TV ads portraying him as a friend of ordinary working people and consumers.

We remember that he voted for the anti-consumer bankruptcy bill, along with the rest of the Republicans. And let's not forget his vote against health care reform.