Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's all fun and games until someone loses a job (or their life)

Washington is a crazy place. It rewards people with money and fame who seem to enjoy willfully distorting facts to suit their partisan purposes. These folks are rubes who don't know or don't care to know the facts, like Sarah Palin and George W. Bush. These folks got into top notch schools like Yale Law School and are smart enough to know that they are editing to remove important context in order to change the meaning.

If the latest hack is to be believed, which I don't know why he should be, he got a highly-edited tape and never bothered to asked to see the entire tape. Instead, he ran off to Fox News and his website.

Because Washington is a risk-adverse place with many cowards in top posts, a woman was essentially fired because of this highly edited video. When the whole video was revealed, it turns out that the out-of-context edits were merely an acedote about how the speaker had changed for the better...the one who was fired.

In Washington, ruining someone's life (or in the case of Vince Foster, leading someone to commit suicide) for the sake of the partisan cause is something to be rewarded, not punished. It is even referred to under a racist term: the person has a "scalp." Obviously, the more important the ruined person was, the better.

Truth is sacrificed at the alter of partisan gain. I thought that Obama ran on changing Washington. Yet his Secretary of Agriculture fired a woman based on a hack's edited video...and says the fact that she might be subject to more hack attacks is enough reason to demand her resignation. And this isn't the first time. Van Jones was attacked by Glen Beck, who admits that his show is not factually based, which caused Van Jones to resign.

And we wonder why the so many people who work in government are incompetent hacks.

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