Friday, September 07, 2012

Grading the speeches

So I have to admit, I could bear to watch the Republican convention but did manage to watch most of the headline speeches for the Democratic Convention. A day after it all ended, I still think Michelle Obama's was the best one I heard. And from what I gather, it was the best one of all the conventions. Joe Biden's was the second best.

Perhaps I am grading on a curve, but my expectations for Joe the Biden were pretty low and Obama's was pretty high. Perhaps the president knew the jobs report would suck, so he blamed the weather and moved his speech indoors, then toned down his speech. One doesn't want have soaring rhetoric if reality doesn't match. Still Biden did a good job talking loud and soft, and talking like Joe Six Pack.

Honestly I don't get what the fuss was about Bill Clinton's speech. It was same old off the program too long speech that he always gives. there were some good moments but overall I remembered why I grew tired of Bill towered the end. Still I also remembered the two times I have seen him speak in person. You could feel his charisma from all the way up on the nose bleed section where I was.

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