Thursday, February 12, 2004

Suddenly, I am famous

To you ten normal readers, thanks. For those pointed here by Altrios or BOPNews, welcome.

UPDATE: The Travis amendment, the primary DOMA bill that started this whole mess, lost 96-103. [my boss voted no]

The gay rights supporters in the Great Hall are cheering wildly. And I am happy too, because I don't think intolerance and bigotry should be inshrined in the MA constitution. Plus, I am happy because I just snuck up to the Members' lounge and got some food. I had some pasta, salad, and an eclair, if you are curious.

Another blogger, Andrew Bayer is blogging based on what he is seeing on TV. I am glad he too is covering this and pointing to my site. Excellant coverage. I can't post as often becuase I have to answer the phone and all the bigoted emails. If people are curious, I can post some of them.

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