Friday, July 09, 2004

Absense makes the heart grow...

Appologies for not posting in many moons. My blogging seems to have turned extremely personal as I tend to read the news less and less. Kerry-Edwards seems to be off to a good start and Bush-Cheney seems to be spinning their wheels (despite throwing all the mud they can scrape up) until the GOP convention in late August.

We seemed to have settled on an apartment and are looking forward to moving in soon. It is one of the more expensive ones in SLC but very nice and three blocks from the law school. You can't beat that. Maybe next year, we can get a condo and all that, but for now, we will live it up in this luxury apartment.

Just went golfing with the folks at the Country Club. I didn't play the "sport" but I love driving the cart around, it is so much fun. Dinner was standard WASP fare. The wife-to-be is off seeing "Anchorman"...barf. I hate how they promo these movies now.

Off to watch Tivo-ed Washington Week. This is my family.

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